Redemption by Design creates timeless heirloom quality upcycled furniture and bold works of art. Each items structural design is ensured by Redemptions own fabricator/carpenter (Andy) and hand painted and finished by Redemption's own artist (JR). They focus on recyclability of wooden pallets and crates, as well as quality furniture that needs new life.  Blending art with style and function that you cant get anywhere else. Thats what makes the Redemption by Design difference.

Reclaim- Seeking out the old, the ugly, the unwanted.
Renew- Giving new style and function to unwanted items.
Relive- Using creativity, care and passion to take these items and let them live again.

More than thirty five years ago, Michael Broeckel had a vision for developing his own pallet company with his family. Mike acted on that vision and began Cleveland Custom Pallet & Crate, inc. Originally known as G&M Pallet & Skid, Co.

About seven years ago, Mike was managing the business with an 'adopted son' (JR) who had up till then, supressed his artistic talents and gifts. Mike encouraged JR to reconnect with those God-given talents and to weave those abilities into a new business line for the company. In march of 2012, Andy (Mikes grandson) came to CCP&C having a background in construction. Now, JR and Andy have blended their skills and talents, using the opportunity God has blessed them with to express their passion through their creations. 

As with CCP&C being founded as a Christ-centered business and workplace, Redemption by Design is also guided daily and founded on those same Biblical priciples - 1 Peter 4:10 and Titus 3:4-5 NLT.

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